7:49 AM


25july2011 . i've lost my sweet,nice and intelligent girl . Amirah Fadzil . semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat . *cant stop crying* . u are the most perfect girl i ever had as my friend . rest in peace .

We can work things out.

im done !
2:22 AM

°o.O °o.O .•´¸.•´¨¤ .•´¸.•´¨¤

as a human being . y cant i make my own decision for my own . my own life . . kenapa setiap apa yg aku buat for sure akan menyakitkan hati org . y ¿ y¿ y¿
mcm mna nk buat something tuh kalau hati xrela. sorry i not that kind of people that can do things that im not willing too . Ya ALLAH ! y did u give me this kind of test . ibu ! please . do understand me . and to all the makcissssss . please ! please !please ! jgn nk slhkn mak aq untuk bnda yg aq bt ! please ! jgn bebankn aq dah ! enough is enough ! please ! im bagging u ! im not born to be treated this way ! im just a ordinary 17 years old girl ! normal teenagers ! please ! i cant accept more than this ! aq dah penat nk tanggong semua masalah . dah pnt nk mnangis . dah penat nk pikiaq !

°o.O °o.O .•´¸.•´¨¤ .•´¸.•´¨¤

We can work things out.

something is wrong somewhere ☹
6:30 AM

¸¸.•*´¯`v´¯`*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*´¯`v´¯`*•.¸¸
i meet my doctor this morning and went for my theraphy

doctor : xbaek lagi ke? mm . baring jap . *pulling and pushing my leg* . okay i rse la . u punya ligament ada koyak la . so nie dah brapa minggu?

me : 3 weeks

doctor : owh . mm . u active sukan

me : (as usual ) nope :)

doctor : okay . i give u 2 choice . u nk i tulis surat and u pgy GH terus or u nk tnggu lagy 1bln ?

me : lagi 1 bulan

doctor : okay . nnti kalau x baek lgy . u dtang blk okay . btw time u jln , ada mcm lock x u knee?

me : ada la jugak kadang2.

doctor : okay . nnty kalau lock lgi u datang blk taw .

me : okay :)

*went for the therapy while thinking , betul ke apa yg aq pilih tuh ?*

at (abang therapy) : dah jmpa doctor ? cptnya . doctor ckp pa?

me : xckp pa dya nk soh g GH . xpy sya xmaw .

at :*with the blur face* skt lgy x?

me: kadang2 . xpy nk straight kaki xblh .:(

at : dya ada bgy taw awt cmtuh?

me : nope

at : sya ada taw la 1 syndrome nieyh yg lbyh kurang cmnieyh gak . xpy xingt la apa tuh . n xtaw la btol ke x. xpe2 nnty blk sya check and i'll tell u next week :)

me : huh? syndrome ? cacat ke?

at : *laughing* *shake his head* . b\doctor bgi mc x? bpa hari ?

me: ada . 1 ja .

at: nieyh la msalah nieyh . awt la kedekut sngt . mm xpa2 :)

OMG ! apa dah jadi ngn aq !? according to the therapy guy tuh lebih baik p scan . xpy kalau nk scan kt GH mmg lmbt bt appointment ary nieyh 3 - 4 month bru blh . :( p swasta mahal . ada smpai RM1000 . huaaaaa ! tkotnya ! :(
i just cant think anymore !

A sure cure for seasickness is to sit under a tree :)

•´`•.¸.» a sure cure for my sickness is to sit and do nothing :(

¸¸.•*´¯`v´¯`*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*´¯`v´¯`*•.¸¸

We can work things out.

6:50 AM

We can work things out.

The antidote for fifty enemies
7:04 AM

The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend. - Aristotle

50 enemies = 1 friend

ALHAMDULLILAH . today i just realized that i have a pile of antidote . oppsss i mean friend .
A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked.thnx to all my 'good eggs' friend that think i am a good egg even i am a half-cracked egg . i do appreciate u guys ! i love u guys so freaking damn much ! i just cant imagine my days without u guys .

thnx for being my antidote syahirah , anis , syaz ! u guys are awesome !

We can work things out.

☠ W A R N I N G !! ☠
4:17 AM

first of all .
assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh people .

everything start with my short conversation with my mom.

ibu : adik, ckp la elok2 skit , tgok depa suma ( my mom friend) kta " la . xsangka noh asmidar lgu tuh "

attention to all the old ladies that are friend with my mom .
Jaga la ank2 sniri dulu ! xpayah nk sebok dgn ank org . for ur information ! mak aq xpenah ajaq aq jdy mcm nieyh ! punya pasai kt aq la mulut aq! nk lju ka apa ka? ada aq mntak aya liyoq ampa? xkn !

to makcik 1 : im stubborn , im not rude . im not like ur kids , ckp ngn mak bpak and dgn org yg lgy tua "hang aku " ja. mngasoh ank sniri baek2 dulu .ajaq ank ckp elok2 dulu bru judge aq nieyh rude or polite !

to makcik 2: ketegaq2 aq nieyh pon , biadap2 aq nieyh pon , at least aq nieyh brtindak on the right time on the right age . ank hg kecik2 pon biadap awt xckp pa ?

to makcik 3 : aq punya pasai la weyh aq nk ketegaq ka apa ka . at least aq x buas mcm ank hg tuh .

to al the makciksss xpayah la nk sangka ka . xsangka ka . apa ka . la nieyh bek mpa jga ank2 mpa tuh sniri so that x jdy biadap mcm aq nieyh kan. at least im just be myself , and i dont take anyones shit.especially people like u guys . now then u guys know how rude i am and how stubborn i am . just a reminder people . aq xpenah keysah ! xpenah peduli what people going to say about me coz tuh dah mmg keja mpa nk mngata . nk blh buat apa dah . mmpoih p kt mpa la . aq dah pnt ikot ckp org . smpai aq sniri jdy gila . aq idop bkn untuk ikot ckp mpa . and attention to all the people i ever know , aq nieyh dah pnat jdi kuli , dah pnat kna buli , dah pnt ikut ckp org , so aq dah xakn , never ever ikot ckp org lgy . and 1 more things to the makcikssss keep ur kids away from me . or else they are going to get something from me !

We can work things out.

planetary go !
4:52 AM

today is the second day aku pi buat that therapy . hahah seriously today that abang mmg nk bunoh aku . however it is for my own good .


*what is the title of my today post?

opppssss! sorry2

okay2 !
just now while doing the therapy thing-ing that bro suddenly ask

abg terapi (AT) : ni nanti nk study apa ni?

that was the question yg slalu bermain dlm otak aku actually . my mom ask me to go for medic .
boleh ka ?
hahahha after dengar abg tu ckp2 sume . i feel like .. yeah this is the time . u should start now didy . this is your future .



Ladies and gentlemen . truth is now acceptable . fame is now injectable . process the progress . this core is critical faith is unavailable . live become incredible .now please understand that !

We can work things out.